Goodbye, Kickstart Graphics

Let me introduce myself – I’m Dominic O’Halloran. I’m a designer that helps new and established businesses with their brand identity. I’ve helped many industries since the establishment of my business Kickstart Graphics. In 2015, when I started Kickstart Graphics I wanted to help startup businesses to be unique and strong when they entered their field of work. I wanted to expand my business, hire and teach people graphic design. With further study of my business, it was clear this was not what the market wanted.

Startups and small businesses want to create everything for themselves at the beginning of their journey. A lot of the time, they start with nothing, just themselves. After a while, they tend to realise a few things. 1. They need to reach more people. 2. Their market is lacking information. 3. Their market has gotten overcrowded. When they realise these barriers to success they need to elevate their brand image. This is where they seek out a professional graphic designer. These are the times they have come to me. I’m here to enhance their brand.

I came to this realisation in late 2019. I worked hard to get my branding and website ready to launch. My chosen launch date was the 15th of March 2020. That’s when I took a hit. The whole world took a hit. Many things have changed since then, both globally and personally. I’ve worked through hard times and I’ve tried different areas over the last 2 years. I always come back to design as it’s what I love to do.

Hello, O’Halloran Design

So, today, I finally launch my new design business – O’Halloran Design.

In this business, I aim to help established businesses on a one-on-one project basis. I want to give your business a personalised experience where my focus is on your brand and identity. I will create your logo, your website and all of your print media. I will take a deep dive with you into creating your business just how you want it. We’ll work together through each project, breaking it down into manageable portions one step at a time. I’ll hold consultations and guide you through your concepts, turning them into tangible goods.

I have a quick turnaround time. Logos can be finalised within 48hours, depending on response time and changes. A one-page website can be finalised within a week and print media can be finalised within 24hours depending on the information given.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been in business I have worked with businesses from all sectors. I have worked with dog groomers, multiple different charities, mechanics, builders, adult shops, farmers, the hospitality sector, even a toilet roll company. Nothing will surprise me, everyone is unique, every day is different. I think that’s why I’m always drawn back to design.

If you want to work with me, you can find my WhatsApp in the corner of my website. You can email me here or you can get in touch through my social media here. I’m excited about this new journey and working with you.